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Just call me Indigo
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm fan of anime, drawings and good love stories. I draw manga/anime style characters depending on how I feel. And I'm in love with the Fan world of Hetalia and Free! My first anime I found totally by accident while song hopping on youtube was Ouran Host Club. I'll probably have a lot of random picture uploaded from different characters I created in the past.

:iconmahfeelzplz::iconsaysplz: also..... I'M IN LOVE WITH RUSSIA AND 2P!CANADA

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Cold water surrounded your naked figure as little glimmers of light found its way through the stained glass window of the bath.  Your eyes tightly closed as the mineral herbal water soaked your bruised and battered skin.  Still in a bleak state of mind you held your head under the water wondering if it was possible for a person to drown their self.

However, while thinking of death by drowning you could no longer hold yourself beneath the cold waters.  As if against your own will your head broke the surface of the water gasping in much needed air.

A sigh soon followed.  ‘Still not brave enough to do it.’ you simply thought to yourself as air continued to fill and empty from your lungs.  Shifting your eyes towards the door of the bath you made contact with one of the servants tasked with helping bathe you.  Even if you had the determination and bravery to end your own personal distaste for life they would not doubt stop you.

Narrowing your eyes, you took in yet another deep breath.  Quickly without another thought you brought yourself back into the cold embrace of the water.  The sting of sensation of bruises healing across your body was yet another reminder of your status among that of the living.
‘Why, why can’t I just bring myself to do?’ you thought to yourself.  Mediating in your own thoughts the sound of water smoothing movements surrounded you.

The mediating conversation you were holding with yourself ended just as quickly as it began upon hearing a muffled voice calling your name.  Even though water distorted voice you knew who it belonged to.  The single person you didn’t wish to see but without a choice you breached the water.

With cold eyes you looked at the tall creature before you.  His bluish purple eyes looking down at you with unreadable eyes.  Though you didn’t know what he was thinking you were sure he was still likely upset about the event that happened moments ago.

“Kolik, time to get out.” he said in a tone of voice he only used after he punished you for something.

Upon hearing his words, the servant at the door rushed towards you with a towel to dry you.  Normally the vampire would leave the bath when you exited the tub.  However today he remained. Quietly standing up you made sure to stare at the stained window.  As the air made contact with your soft wet skin the human woman wrapped a soft purple cotton towel around your form.  Helping you step out of the tub another servant walked over with a small jar.

Looking at the small glass object you frown while clenching your teeth knowing what was about to happen next.  Like several times before the towel that was wrapped around you was removed.  The jar was opened and the servant quickly began placing its white content on all the areas of your body bruised by Ivan’s hand.  The jar was filled with a cream that help prevent scarring to your flesh.  It was a gift giving to your master by the Count Ludwig and his brother; Gilbert.

The slight sensation of stinging caused you flinch for the hands of the servants.  Your eyes looked at them in pain.  Both of them gave you apologetic looks causing a sigh to leave your lips.  Their cream covered hand quickly made their way back to your body.  Gently the returned to placing the cream across your form.  Several parts of your body now glimmering with the slippery cream.  Shoulders, arms, chest, legs, hips, thighs and face were all covered with more areas needing to be covered.

As the process continued you could feel the Clan Leader’s eyes looking over every inch of your bare body closely.  He had never watched servants put the healing cream on your naked form.  But then again this was the first time he ever heard you wish for your own death so opening and serious.

The vampire’s eyes moved up from your legs to thighs, waist to chest to shoulders until he was eventually looking at your face.  His bluish gray eyes tried to met yours.  However not wanting to acknowledge him in the less you quickly looked to the ground.  A light sigh left his cold lips it was clear that you weren’t going to get over what happened quickly.  But he knew that the moment you spoke those venomous words he hated coming from you.

Turning your attention to the servants you watched while they took a step away from you.  One closed the lid back onto the jar.  While the other grabbed your black sheer lace underwear and bra.  Returning your eyes to the stained window you let your mind wonder.  Being dressed by anyone besides yourself was one of the things you hated the most about your life.  You were giving no personal private.  

“Ms. ________ we’re finished.” one of the servant women said gently as if trying to apologize for dressing you.  She knew just like all the other servants that you hated having anyone in your personal space especially while naked.

Snapping back to reality you simply nodded at the woman.  You knew she was only doing what she must to protect her own life from the tyranny of the vampire clan’s leader.  Glancing down you looked at the dress you were now wearing.  It was one of your more expensive gowns bought for you by Ivan during one of his trips to England.  The black gown seemed like something a queen would be buried in.  You smirked mentally ‘how accurate, it fits me.’

“Come along.” Ivan said without looking in your direction as he left the room.  He knew it would be pointless you were going be avoiding him for at least a few hours.

Not saying single word you followed behind the towering vampire.  Your eyes stayed on the stone floors of the hallway.  There was no need for you to look up the heavy footsteps of your master led you throughout the large home.

Even by looking at the floors you were able to tell exactly where you were headed, the sitting room.  If you had to guess Ivan would be meeting with someone important.  Which meant you had to tag along with him as his beautiful little pet.  Afterall everyone knew you were the cold hearted man’s trophy object.  

Just like you expected the two of you stopped just in front of the large hand carved wooden doors of the sitting room.  Two servants opened pulled opened the heavy polished door.  Inside the room was a tall male vampire.  He was just a few inches shorter than your master.  His hair was the oddest color of hellfire red.  The man’s eyes had the coldest icy blue hue.  

“My Master, it is a pleasure that you chose to meet with me.  It's been too long since we spoke last.” he said bowing in respect.  However you were taken aback as the man’s eyes turned attention to you.

Your heart slightly started to race for unknown reasons.

“You must me Madam ________.  Just as beautiful as I expected.” he said with a smile while also bowing to you.  The man’s action stroke you as odd.

It wasn’t common for vampire to address you with some form of respect.  All of them feared disrespecting Ivan who held you as something he took pride in.  But unlike all the other vampires that you knew were faking any feeling of kindness towards you this vampire seemed different.

His face read very honestly to you.  Seeing the true positive opinion of you in his blue eyes caused you to smile back.  Though still in a foul mood you curtsy causing the vampire to beam a bigger smile showing his sharp ivory fangs.

Ivan’s eyes slight narrowed as he looked over the vampire who was giving you praise.  Though he didn't say anything the Count knew the smile on your face was genuine which you rarely gave to any of the vampires who spoke so kindly to you.  

That rare glimpse of true positivity was normally giving to other humans and at one point in time himself as a child.  Though you did your best to fake the happy expressions he wanted to see Ivan knew for years all the smiles you gave him were no truer than the ones you presented to his suckup underlings.

“_______ you do remember Anton, correct?” Ivan asked calling you by the name all his underlings used.  He wanted nothing more than to stop whatever was going on between you and the blue creature before you.

Your _____ eyes shifted to your master then back to the red haired vampire.  It didn't take you long to recall who Ivan was talking about.  The young vampire was one of a few children that Ivan got along with in his childhood.  He would often play alongside you and Ivan.  The redhead was a lively and outgoing child.  Who you enjoyed playing with until Ivan became the active leader of his clan.

Ivan quickly regretted reminding you of the young man the moment he saw your eyes lite up.  Wanting to prevent the two of you from talking anymore he quickly turned his attention to the matter at hand.

“It’s fine.  I hear that you have information on the wild humans attacking the area.  Is that correct, Anton?” Ivan said walking over to a chair taking a seat.  His large tan hand offered a seat to the vampire who quickly took it.  

“Yes, my family’s manor was attacked a few days ago.  They were helping humans runaway to their secret base.  My sister overheard a group of humans talking about freeing your human servants.  I wanted to warn you of the possible attack.” Anton said the tone of his voice was extremely serious.

Taking a seat by the window you looked out at the night sky.  The sky was covered with pale bluish gray clouds.  The moon barely visible only a few of its glimmering lights escaped the clouds.
Vampire!RussiaxReader:Tainted Love CH5
I know its been so long since I updated this story but I hope you all enjoy it.

PS: Please don't forget to leave a comment.  I love reading your comments.

Also I don't own Hetalia or its characters they belong to Hidekaz Himaruya

Russia: Ivan
Belarus: Natalia

CH 5
Next> soon
Mayhem by IndigoDreams100
New oc for a project I'm working on.  Almost done with her.
So I was reading through a few of my old stories and I was thinking of writing an epilogue for this one.  It was one of my favorites but I'm curious.  Would you guys like to see a new chapter from this story?
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