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Just call me Indigo
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm fan of anime, drawings and good love stories. I draw manga/anime style characters depending on how I feel. And I'm in love with the Fan world of Hetalia and Free! My first anime I found totally by accident while song hopping on youtube was Ouran Host Club. I'll probably have a lot of random picture uploaded from different characters I created in the past.

:iconmahfeelzplz::iconsaysplz: also..... I'M IN LOVE WITH RUSSIA AND 2P!CANADA

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It was a warm Saturday afternoon.  The large mansion you lived in was empty since the servants were off and your parents were away on cruise with their friends.  Not wanting to spend your time surrounded by your parents’ friends.  Staying home alone was a much better way to spend your summer break before returning to college.  

During your holiday breaks was the only time you normally came home.  Which was something that your parents’ employees enjoyed.  Your father was rarely home which left all of the household matter in your mother’s overly demanding control.  Unlike your mother you were much friendly and talkative with them.  You were a ray of sunshine during their work hours.  

Like everyday you were laying across your bed while looking at your phone.  Currently on your were logged into one of your social media account.  Jenni who you were forced to befriend had upload pictures from her birthday party last night.  She was the daughter of your father’s business partner.  On her page she shared picture of herself in the car her father let her pick out for her birthday.

You knew she was showing off how much money her father had compared to others.  With a sigh you continued to look through her barrage of recent photos.  Like normal you commented on a few of the pictures. Making sure to say what she wanted to hear.

Clicking out of Jenni’s account you glanced at the updates from your other friends including a few of your ex's until you stopped on Renna who was the daughter of one your family’s maids.

She had just uploaded a video of her dog’s adorable puppies.  The fluffy white and brown puppies were running around the room, barking and playing with each other.

“Awwwwe, they got so big.  I want a puppy.” you thought looking at the small balls of fluff before exiting the app.

A slight yawn left your lips while you checked the time on your phone.  You were suppose to meet with one of your friends later in the evening.  Feeling a little tired you decided to put on some music before taking a nap.


Suddenly you were awoken by a loud sound come from outside of your house.  Sitting up you looked at the time on your phone.  It was three in the afternoon and almost time for you to leave your house.  Walking over towards the large bay window you heard another loud sound quickly followed by several more.  This time it was sound as if something just crashed.  

Your ______ eyes widened as you looked out at the destruction happening outside your window.  Several of your neighbor's houses were on fire, others had broken windows.  Flames from the next door fire spread to your yard.  

“What the hell?!” you as your mind started to race.  Snapping out of the shock you quickly dialed for emergency services.  However the call couldn’t be completely.  

“Towers must be down.” you thought putting your phone back in your pocket before rushing down stairs wanting to see if you could help anyone.  You knew how to do some first-aid due to a summer job you had at a camp last year.  

After grabbing your aid kit out of your bathroom you made your way through the foyer.  Running across the expansive marble sculpture.

Opening the front door your senses were assaulted by the cause of the unknown chaos.  

‘First check on Mr. Yelmann.’ you thought running towards the house of the old man who lived next door.

Rushing up his once elegant driveway.  The greek inspired statues were all cracked and broken. Looking at the broken glass front door of Mr. Yelmann’s house you inhaled deeply before stepping inside.  Your heart was starting to race worried that the old man was okay.  

“Mr. Yelmann… are you okay?” you called out for the old man. Slowly walking over the broken shards of glass.

“Grandpa Yelmann?  Its Princess, are you home?” you called out while making your way deeper into the man’s house.  The old man gave you the nickname when you a little girl.  

Passing through the sitting room you made your way to the reading room where the quiet old man normally spent most of this time.  

The door was opened and the lights on.  Standing in the doorway you're expected to find the elderly man.  However he was nowhere to be found.  Turning your attention to the calendar on his wall you noticed the date circled.

In blue ink was the work ‘meeting’.  A sigh of relief left your lips knowing that the old man was alright.  

‘Now that I think about it the Ranchers and the Phipps are out of town too. I better just head home Someone must have reached the police by now.’ you said to yourself while walking out of the house and  glancing at the other neighbors’ houses.


Once back in your house you turned on the television wanting to see if there was any report about what happened.  Putting the first-aid kit on side of the large white sofa you took a seat.

Much to your dismay none of the news channels were commenting on your location.  Glancing at your phone you still had no signal.  

“What’s going on?” you muttered to yourself wondering if you were in any danger.

“Payback.” a soft spoken voice said from inside your house.  Your eyes widened when you realized someone was in the house with you.  

Slowly getting up from the sofa you looked in the direction that the voice came from.  Your grip on your phone tightened ready to use it as a weapon if need.  

You watched as a man walked far enough into the room so you could barely see him.  His voice wasn’t familiar so he was clearly someone you didn’t know.  

“What do you want?  Money?” you asked taking a step backwards.  

“It's just like your kind to throw money at all your problems.” he said taking a step closer to you causing your heart to race.  

“What are you talking about?  Who are you?” you asked taking two more steps backwards.  

“We’re talking about how rich people like you need to be broken and punish.” another voice said from behind you.  Quickly you turned around to see another man standing behind you.  On his face was a cocky smile.

The man walked closer to you, his blue eyes looked down at you while you frowned fearfully.  Trying to hide your fear you slightly part your lips while breathing out slowly.  ‘Don’t show them you’re scared.’ you thought to yourself.

“I don’t know what you have against me but I want to understand.” you said softly trying to appear meek and harmless.

“Well… Princess that’s a good thing.  It’ll make our job easier.” then man standing before you said.  

Taking in another deep breath you continued to hide the fear you held.  The man behind you spoke up.  

“Hey someone’s coming up the driveway.” he warned causing you and the other man to look through the fancy glass of the front door.

“Now when you answer the door you be sure to let know em everything here is alright.  And you’ll be okay.” the man before you said just as your neighbor knocked on the door.

Without saying a word you simply nodded before answering the door.  Standing before you was Mr. Taylor.  He and his family had just moved to the neighborhood a month ago.

“Hey, there _________.  I wanted to check on you.  We’re not sure whats going on but someone said they saw a group of suspicious looking men in the area.  Earl was able to get in touch with the police.  So they’re on the way.” the handsome man said causing you to sigh.

“That’s good to hear.” you said with a smile.

“I believe most people were leaving the area for a while since no one knows what’s going on.  It might be a good idea if you go stay with some friends for a while.” the man suggested to you.  

“I’ll do that.  Thank you.  Be careful.” you said while waving goodbye to the man as he walked to his car.

Closing the door you turned to see one of the men from before looking at you with sinister smirk on his faces.  Your palms started to get sweaty nervous about what the strangers were planning on doing with you next.

Your eyes shifted to the doorway upon hearing footsteps getting closer.

“So which of the cars outside is yours...friend?” asked the other man as he walked into the room with several keys in his hand.

Pointing at your keys you hoped the men would take your car to make their getaway.  Much to your dismay you were horrified when he dropped the keys into your hands.  It was clear that they were going to make you drive.

“We can’t drive out here without someone noticing.  Now if you get us out of here we won’t have to hurt anyone.” one of the men said as he lifted his hoodie showing of the gun.

“Okay, okay I’ll drive.” you said staring at the deadly object.

“Good, now let's go.” he said lowering his hoodie.


Inside of the car you bought with your own money you took in a deep breath before starting to drive.  Sitting in the passenger seat was the quieter of the two men.  While the one holding the gun sat behind you.

Driving through the neighborhood you were able to see all the damage caused.  Houses and yards on fire; even the streets were damaged.

Once out of your neighborhood you parked inside of the road opening the door you got out of your car only to be pulled into the backseat by the man with the gun.  You watched as the man in the passenger seat got behind the wheel.

“Alright, Allen send the message.” the man said driving off.  The man with the guy who you assumed was Allen pulled out a cell phone and started texting.

“On it James.” Allen said to the man driving.

“Sent.  Everyone will be happy to see you.” he said to you before giving you a devilish smile.
Dark!GermanyxReader: Rich vs Poor CH1 (Rewritten)
Here's the first chapter of the rewritten version of the story.  I like this start more than the old one.  I hope everyone will enjoy this newer version of the story.  

PS: I'll be using the 2p names for some of the characters for now.  Also please leave comments I enjoy reading what you guys think about the story.  

I don't own Hetalia or its characters they belong to Hidekaz Himaruya

America: aka Allen
Canada: aka James

chapter 1La la la la
Next> soon
I counted all the comments and the Germany story had more request.  So I will be rewriting this story soon.
  • Listening to: I Don't Wanna Live Forever
  • Reading: Fanfic
  • Watching: Lets Plays on Youtube
  • Playing: Civ or Sims
  • Eating: Healthy Stuff (maybe)
  • Drinking: Water with lemon juice
I want to thank everyone for the suggestions on my previous journal.  I'm working on the next chapter to the vampire Russia story.  However I was looking for suggestions on a story I haven't worked on in the past year.  Which gives us three suggestions. I'd like everyone to pick the one you'd like to see worked on.  Below I'll put links to each of the choices so you can read (if you haven't already) and pick the one you would prefer seeing rewritten.

1: EnglandxReader: The Lion and The Fox CH1

2: Cop!AmericaxCyborg!Reader: Robotic Love Ch1

3: Dark!GermanyxReader: Rich vs Poor CH1
  • Listening to: I Don't Wanna Live Forever
  • Reading: Fanfic
  • Watching: Lets Plays on Youtube
  • Playing: Civ or Sims
  • Eating: Healthy Stuff (maybe)
  • Drinking: Water with lemon juice
I counted all the comments and the Germany story had more request.  So I will be rewriting this story soon.
  • Listening to: I Don't Wanna Live Forever
  • Reading: Fanfic
  • Watching: Lets Plays on Youtube
  • Playing: Civ or Sims
  • Eating: Healthy Stuff (maybe)
  • Drinking: Water with lemon juice


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