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May 12, 2013
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You and Alfred were dating for nearly a year.  You were happy with the life the two of you had with your daughter Sophie.  But sadly lately things between the two of you were getting rough.  For some strange reason he was always too busy to spent time with you.  His career was extremely busy but he still made time everyday for Sophie which was the only reason you didn’t complain.  

Today you were lying across your sofa staring at the giant flat screen television in your penthouse apartment.  Alfred took Sophie out for ice cream nearly two hours ago and they still didn’t make it back.  You knew that he was probably at a toy store letting Sophie pick out every toy she wanted.  Even though you told him not to spoil her so much, you didn’t want your daughter to grow up acting like the wild and stuck up rich people you would see on the news.  

While you flipped through the channels the front door opened.  You sat up seeing Alfred carrying bags and boxes of new toys.  ‘I knew it.’ you told yourself as Sophie ran towards you with a new doll in her hands.

“Mommy look what Daddy got me!” Sophie said happily looking at you with her _____ colored eyes that matched yours.

“That’s nice Sophie but you don’t need all these toys.  Your daddy bought you toys yesterday.” you told Sophie who only frowned at you.  She didn’t like the idea of not getting what she wanted.

“Okay, Mommy.” she mumbled before taking her doll and leaving the room to play.  

“_______, it just toys you don’t have to keep fussing at her.  You know I have enough money.” Alfred said putting down the boxes and bags on the kitchen table.

“Yeah, I know that but I want Sophie knew she can’t have everything she wants just because you’re rich.  I don’t want her to become shallow.” you said as Alfred sat onside of you.  He’s bright blue eyes looked at you as he smiled.

“Dude, she’s our kid there’s no way she’ll be that.  She’s my sidekick after all.” Alfred said before looking at the watch on his arm.

You were about to say something when he stood up.  ‘I knew he wasn’t going to be long.’ you thought letting out a slight sigh.

“I got to get going but I’ll be over tomorrow to pick up Sophie.” Alfred said quickly kissing your forehead before leaving.

------------------------Next Day-------------------------

You were sitting on the sofa reading a book while listening to music on the television when the door to your apartment opened.  You looked as Sophie came running towards you with a giant poster pink poster.  She watched with a large smile on her face when you opened the poster.

‘Happy Mother’s day love Sophie and Alfred.’ you read the poster out loud.  

“Happy Mother’s day Mommy will you marry us.” you heard Sophie and Alfred say at the same time.  You lowered the poster seeing Sophie and Alfred in front of you.  Alfred was on his knees and in his hand was a large diamond ring.  You stared at the ring and then at Alfred and Sophie.

“What?” you said in disbelief.

“Will you marry me?” Alfred asked again looking into your eyes.

“Of course I will.” you said happily wrapping your arms around Alfred and Sophie hugging them both.

“Guess what Mommy.” Sophie said after Alfred placed the ring on your finger.

“What is it sweet?” you asked with a smile as Sophie looked at large diamond on your ring.

“Daddy let me help him pick out your ring.” Sophie said happily with a proud smile on her face.  You had no clue that during the last few weeks Alfred was taking Sophie to different jewelry stores to find the perfect ring for you.

“Aw, I’m so happy to hear that.” you smiled at your daughter then at Alfred who was now sitting next you.  The two of you watched as Sophie ran into her playroom leave the two of you alone.

You smiled as Alfred ran his fingers through your hair.  His lips gently kissed the top of your head as he pulled you closer to him.

“You know I’m happy we had Sophie on accident.  We wouldn’t have been together if it wasn’t for her.  I love you and Sophie with all my heart.  Never forget that.” Alfred said holding you close to him.
Just a mother's day bonus chapter hope you all like it.

Also I don't own Hetalia or its characters they belong to Hidekaz Himaruya.

America: Alfred
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