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May 12, 2013
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A month ago you moved back to your hometown after three years.  You left to live with your mom because a guy from your old neighborhood was always so mean to you.  But you refused to tell your father knowing he would go out looking for the guy.  You father would fight any man who caused you trouble.  Since you moved back you started making new friends with people at the college you were attending.  Ludwig and his best friend Feliciano were the first two people you befriended.  

Last month Ludwig had a party and you got so drunk you ended up sleeping with a guy.  In the  morning you realized you the guy you slept with was the same bully from when you were younger.  You never knew that Ludwig had a brother and you would have never thought that Gilbert would have been his brother.  When Gilbert realized who you were he started messing with you again like when you were both younger which you hated more since you slept with him.

-------------------At college-----------------

You were walking down the hallways in your jacket pocket was the pregnancy test Ludwig talked you into taking after you told him what you and his brother did the month before.  Ludwig wanted you tell his older brother that you might have been pregnant but you wanted to take a test first.  You were still hoping that your cycle was running late which it sometimes did when you were stressed.

“I can’t believe it.  I can’t believe it!” you mumbled to yourself walking through the halls of your college.  Ludwig wanted to see the results of your test once you took the test.  He promised he would help you no matter what the results were.  

You were walking down the hallway not really paying attention when you heard Gilbert call out your name.  You looked up at him with fear in your eyes.  His crimson red eyes looked at you sending chills down your spine.  You tried to pass around him only to have him grab you by the arms causing you to spin around while dropping the pregnancy test.

‘Crap.’ you thought as Gilbert picked up the Ziploc contain the pregnancy test.  His eyes widen as he looked at the result.  You watched as he mouthed the words ‘positive’ and ‘crap’ just like you did moments ago.  Gilbert looked at you then at the test then your stomach.  By the look on his face he knew the child you were carrying was his.  It was clear to him a month ago you were still innocent until he took it that night.

Before he could say a word you sneaked test from his hands and ran away.

------------------Newspaper Club Room-----------------

When you finally reached the newspaper room you were out of breath.  You never stopped running in fear that Gilbert was following behind you.  You pushed open the door running straight into Ludwig’s arms like a helpless child.  Your _____ eyes looked up at him with tears in your eyes.  

“Took it?” he asked looking at you nerve.  You looked around seeing none of the other club members were in the room.

“Yeah,” you mumbled showing him the positive test, “what should I do?”

“You’re done with classes for the day right?” he asked seriously like always.

“Uhuh.” you said softly.

“Good, you’re coming home with me today.” he said looking down at you with his bright blue eyes.  You knew that you didn’t have much of a choice besides you weren’t ready to go home and face your father would over react.

‘How could I let this happen?’ you thought to yourself while sitting quietly as Ludwig finished the rest of his report for tomorrow’s paper.

---------------------Ludwig’s House-------------------

You were sitting quietly on the sofa when Ludwig brought you mug of herd tea as he drunk a beer.  The silence in the room made you feel more uncomfortable knowing that in any minute Gilbert could walk through the front door.

“________ you’re going to have to tell Gilbert about this.” he said breaking the silence.

“He already knows he saw the test.” you mumbled before taking a sip of the tea.

“Good the two of you will have to talk about what the two of you are going to do.” Ludwig said.  You knew he was trying to keep you calm and thinking properly but you didn’t want to talk to Gilbert about anything involving a child.

“I think I’m going to just see if I can get a you know what.” you mumbled causing Ludwig to choke on his beer.  His bright blue eyes looked at you shocked he never thought he would hear you talk about doing that knowing how much you loved children.  But how could he blame you when his older brother was always so mean to you.

Before Ludwig could say a word the front door swung open and Gilbert stormed into the room.  His crimson eyes stared at you like daggers as he rushed up to you.  You started to tremble as he grabbed you by your shoulders.

“No you won’t!  Got that?!” Gilbert yelled making you agree with him.

“Now say you won’t do it!” Gilbert continued to yell while he grabbed the bottom of your chin making you look at him.

“I promise, I promise I won’t!  Ludwig make him stop!” you begged your friend to get some control over his brother who was freaking you out.

“Gilbert stop scaring her!” Ludwig yelled at his older brother.

“Come on West a little intimation wont hurt her.” Gilbert said to his little brother with a smirk.

“Yes but the stress might hurt the baby.” Ludwig said causing Gilbert to quickly let you of you.  You watched surprised as he moved away from you with a sorry look on his face.  ‘What the hell?’ you thought to yourself confused.

Ludwig glanced at his older brother who mumbled something in German before walking out the room.  Ludwig sighed before looking at you.

“______ I think you should think things through before deciding on doing something like that.  You and Gilbert are going to have to work these issues out.” Ludwig said as he took the empty mug from your hands.

“Okay, you’re right.” you said knowing deep down you really didn’t want to go through with it even if the father was your bully.

“Good go home and get some rest.  Let me know when you made it home.” Ludwig said before walking you down the driveway.

“Okay I will.” you said as giving your friend a hug before looking up seeing Gilbert watching from his bedroom window.

-----------------------Your house-----------------------

You hung up your jacket at the door and had dinner with your father after texting Ludwig letting him know that you made it home safely.  You were in your bedroom studying for your finals when you heard you father yelling your name as he ran up the stairs.

“Crap.” you said remembering that you left the pregnancy test in your jacket pocket.

The door to your bedroom burst opened and your dad ran towards you wrapping his arms around you.

“Tell me it’s a lie.  Just tell me one of your friends asked you to hold so they wouldn’t get caught by their parents.” he yelled with tears in his eyes.

“No… its mine.” you said as your father pulled away from you.

“Not my little princess.  Who did it?  Who deflowered my little tulip!?” he yelled more questions causing you to sigh.  He was freaking out worst then you thought he would.

“It was that German boy huh!?” he asked snapping you back to reality.

“I knew he was after you!  You have the same sweetness like your momma when we were younger.  I had to fight everyday to keep the other guys away from her.  I should’ve done the same with you.  I’m going to kill him!”

“Daddy no it wasn’t Ludwig.” you said the last thing you wanted was your father bursting into Ludwig’s house trying to fight the muscular German.

“Who is it?  I’ll make them pay for what they did to you; my poor little tulip!” your father said once again with tears as he fell to the floor.

“I’ll bring him over tomorrow just calm down.  And promise you won’t do anything crazy please.  We don’t want you getting chased by the police again.” you mumbled remembering how your father over reacted when you told him you had a boyfriend in high school.

“Fine, but if I don’t like him I’ll kill him!” your father said while you pushed him from your bedroom so you could go back to studying.

‘Crap, now I have to get Gilbert and my dad to get along… why didn’t I think this through?’ you thought banging your head against your desk.
I don't know why I made the dad like this. He remind me of Maka's dad; Death Scythe from Soul Eater. Anyways this is my first time strictly writing about Prussia as a main character so please excuse me if I jack him up.

PS: Tell me if you want more.

Also I don't own Hetalia or its characters they belong to Hidekaz Himaruya

Prussia: Gilbert
Germany: Ludwig
Italy: Feliciano

Chapter 1 :la:
Next> [link]
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