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May 13, 2013
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It was nearly a month since your father and Gilbert met.  You were two months pregnant and you had most of the effects of pregnancy.  You often found yourself late to your morning classes or in the restroom throwing up during most of the lectures.  Luckily for you Ludwig would let you borrow his notes.

You were walking through the parking lot when you heard someone calling out your name.  You turned around seeing Feliciano running towards you with Kiku walking behind him.  You smiled at your two friends.

“Hey there Feli.  Kiku you feeling okay?” you asked your friend who was shaking in front of you.  You wanted to laugh when he shook his head no.  

“You let Feli drive huh?” you asked with a smile on your face.  You learned the hard way months ago never to ride with Feliciano.  You preferred riding the bus even though Feli often offered to pick you up.  He had a bad habit of speed through traffic and swerving pass other cars.

“I don’t drive that bad.” Feli said with a frown on his face.

“Oh come on Feli.  You got ten tickets just this week.” you said unable to hold you laughter.

“But everyone else drives so slow.” Feli said while you tried to stop laughing.

“You drive on the wrong side of the road too.” you said remembered your friend.

“I forget that I’m not in Italy sometimes.  It’s not that big of a deal.” Feli said carefree.  

“Yes it is.  If you keep driving so careless I’ll have to rip up your license.” you heard a heavy Germany accent from behind you.  

“Come on Ludwig don’t be so mean.  We’re best friends.” Feli whined.  You watched as Ludwig frowned.  You noticed Gilbert following behind him.

“Safety is more important.” Ludwig sighed seriously like always.  You started to laugh until you felt a cramping and upsetting feeling in you stomach.  You leaned over holding your stomach in pain.

“______ what’s wrong?” Feli asked worried as he leaned next to you.  You forced a smile trying not to worry your friends.

“I’m okay.  Its normal.” you mumbled with the fake smile on your face as Kiku and Ludwig both looked at each other then back at you.

“I’ll take you home.” Feli offered but you quickly shook your head no.  You would rather stay in class going through pain then have him drive you home.

“Gilbert take ______ home.” Ludwig said tossing his car keys to his older brother.

“Why do I have to do it?” Gilbert grumbled glancing at you with his crimson red eyes.

“Because I’m going to take notes she can use later.  Besides ____ and the baby are both your responsibilities.” Ludwig said to his older brother who frowned.  After grumbling something in German Gilbert agreed to take you home.

-------------------Your House----------------------

When you arrived to your house the front door swung open.  You watched as your mother ran out of the house towards you.  ‘Oh crud.’ you thought as she wrapped her arms around you.

“Oh my darling little princess.  I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to come home sooner.” she said after kissing your cheek.

Before you were able to say a word your mother noticed Gilbert who was standing onside of the car with your book bag in his hand.

“Who’s your friend?” your mother asked glancing at you then back at Gilbert.

“This is Gilbert.  He’s the father.” you mumbled embarrassed.  Your mother quickly let go of you.  She walked up to Gilbert glancing over him as if he was one of her models.  You watched helplessly as she ran her fingers through his whitish gray hair.  Her fingers ran across his checks and chin as she examined his face.  Your jaw dropped when your mother started feeling Gilbert’s shoulders and abs.

“He’s a hottie!  Good job princess!” your mother said happily.

“What!” you and your father said shocked at the same time.

“That guy deflowered our baby!” you father fussed while glaring at Gilbert who simply sighed not really caring.

“Oh come on darling, it was going to happen one day.  I bet it would’ve happened sooner if she didn't always wear those baggy clothes of hers.  I’m sure Gilbert noticed how beautiful ______ really is.  Besides seeing how attractive he and ______ I’m positive our grandbaby is going to be drop dead gorgeous!” your mother said happily.

“Mom not now I don’t feel good.” you sighed.

“Okay okay princess go take a nap.  By the time you wake up your dad should be finish cooking dinner.” your mother said with a smile.  You simply nodded before going into the house.

-------------------Next Day-------------------

You walked up to front door of your college.  When you saw your reflection in the glass door you sighed.  Your mother hid all of your clothes leaving only a yellow summer dress.  She even forced you to let her put makeup on you.  It wasn’t that you didn’t like wearing make up you just hated all the attention guys gave you when you wore it.

Walking down the hallway you sighed while hearing guys whisper about you.  It was clear they were checking you out.

“Hey, Gilbert isn’t that your toy?” you heard Francis one of Gilbert’s friends ask.

You looked over your shoulder seeing Gilbert with his friends Francis and Antonio.  Both Francis and Antonio looked at you with smiles on their faces.  Gilbert avoided making eye contact with you and for some strange reason there was a slight blush on his face.  Before you had a chance to leave Francis walked over to you.  He ran his tan fingers through your hair.

“Gilbert isn’t this girl you hooked up with at the party?” Francis asked glancing at his friend before looking back at you.

“Well Mon Cheri, I didn’t know you were so beautiful.” Francis said cupping your face in his hands.  You could feel your face warm embarrassed by the flirting.

“Amigo, I think the chica is off limit.” Antonio laughed still standing onside of Gilbert who seemed to be frowning.  You guessed he didn’t like the fact that his friends were making fun of the fact he got you pregnant after a one nighter.

“I know but she’s so cute.” Francis said playing with your hair.

“Thank b-but I need to get to c-class.” you said softly to Francis who only smiled more.  It was clear to you that Francis was enjoying playing with you.

“There’s nothing wrong with being a little late.” Francis said with a smile.

“Francis let her go.  Just hearing her voice is pissing me off.” you heard Gilbert grumble angrily.

“Fine if you say so,” Francis said with a smile, “bye Cheri.”

You forced a smile at the France man before leaving going to your normal class.


Your class didn’t start for another fifteen minutes when you sat next to Ludwig who looked at you surprised by the make up and outfit.

“Yeah, I know I look weird in make up.” you whined to Ludwig while taking out the notes he let you borrow.

“No, I was just surprised you came to school today.” he said running his fingers through his slicked back blond hair.

“Yeah, I been feeling better guess my body getting used to it.” you smiled slightly handing Ludwig the notes he dropped to your house the say before.

“Oh, yeah.  I’m sorry about how my mom acted yesterday.” you softly said reminding how your mother practically groped him when he brought the notes to you the day before.  A slight blush appeared across Ludwig’s face from embarrassment.

“Its fine.” he said trying not show how uncomfortable your mother really made him feel.

“So how do you feel about being an uncle?  Be honest.” you asked to Ludwig.

“I’m not sure yet.  I just hope you and Gilbert can get along well enough to raise your child.” Ludwig answered.

You sighed because you felt the same way.  The thought of raising a child at your young age was scary but the fact that Gilbert hated you for some reason you didn’t know made things harder.  You wished that you at less knew why he hated you so much.
I don't know why the mom is the way she is. She is a fashion designer and loves all things beautiful and attractive.

Also I don't own Hetalia or its characters they belong to Hidekaz Himaruya

Prussia: Gilbert
Germany: Ludwig
Italy: Feliciano aka Feli
Japan: Kiku
France: Francis
Spain: Antonio

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