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May 14, 2013
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Thanks to Ludwig’s notes and help studying you were able to pass all of your classes.  You were happy to have a month off before your summer classes would start.  You would be able to go through your third month of pregnancy in the comfort of your own home.  

“I’m so bored!” you groaned looking down at your stomach.  Your stomach was much larger then most women at this stage of their pregnancy.  At first you were nervous you might be carrying twins until your mother told you how she held a lot of water when she was carrying you.  

You were lying quietly across the sofa when you heard your phone go off.  Your father sent you a text message saying he had to perform an emergency surgery so he wouldn’t be home until late.  Your mother went away for another of her fashion show which meant you were home alone.  You found yourself being grumpy most of the time so you thought that hanging out with one of your friends would cheer you up.  ‘I wonder if Luddy would mind if I stop by.’ you thought rubbing your stomach.  

--------------------Ludwig’s House-------------------

After a short walk you finally arrived to Ludwig’s house.  You knew that he would be home since he never went anywhere.  You knew he wouldn’t mind you coming to his house.  You knocked on the door of your friend’s house.  The door finally opened and you saw Ludwig wearing a pink and white apron.  You stared at the apron not sure what to say.  You bought it for him as an April Fools gift but you never thought he would actually wear it.

“Hey Luddy do mind if I come in?” you asked with a slight smile on your face trying to hold back the laughter.

“Yeah, come in.” he said letting you into the house.  You looked around the house noticing all the cleaning supplies.  Ludwig had a habit of keeping his house completely spotless.  Sometimes you wondered how he and Gilbert were able to live in the same house.

“Did you walk here?” Ludwig asked closing the front door behind you.

“Yeah, I wanted to visit.” you said with a smile.

“You should have just called I would have picked you up.” Ludwig said walking back to the kitchen where he was washing dishes.

“It’s no big deal I need the workout.  So do you want me to help you?” you asked picking up one of the cleaning rags on the coffee table.

“No, you should rest yourself.” Ludwig said as he washed the dishes.  You sat rubbing your stomach that was starting to show.

“So Luddy what do you think the baby is going to be a boy or girl?” you asked feeling how hard you stomach had become over the last few months.  Ludwig glanced up from the dishes to your stomach then back to the dishes.  

“I don’t really know I just hope the child will be healthy.  I’m sure Gilbert would be happy to have a boy so he could teach him sports.  How about you?” Ludwig answered as he finished the last of the dishes.

“I really don’t care I just want a healthy baby.” you smiled as Ludwig rinsed and saved the dishes.  As Ludwig started mopping you watched him wondering if you had a son would he be as built and tall as his uncle and father.

----------------Time Skip--------------------

You had fallen asleep while watching Ludwig clean the rest of his house.  You were asleep for about twenty minutes when you heard the front door of Ludwig’s house open.  After wiping the sleep from your eyes you sat up.  You looked up to see Gilbert walking into the house with his friends Antonio and Francis.  The smile Gilbert had on his face faded away when he saw you.

“Aw man what the hell is she doing here?” he grumbled looking at you then his brother who was cooking in the kitchen.

“Gilbert stop being mean to ______.” Ludwig fussed at his older brother.

“What I don’t like her.” Gilbert grumbled as Francis and Antonio both looked at the two brothers.  For some reason you just hearing Gilbert’s voice was getting on your nerve.  The fact that you were in a bad mood from being woken up didn’t help.

“You know what shut the heck up.  I don’t care if you didn’t like me.  I don’t like you either!  So if you got a problem with me just stay the hell away from me!” you yelled stand up.

“What did you just say to me?” Gilbert said angrily while grabbing your hand.  Your _____ eyes glared into the crimson red eyes that stared at you with dislike.

“Don’t you talk to me like that.” Gilbert fussed.

“I don’t have to listen to you.  Just stay away from me.  I’m not going to take your crap anymore!” you yelled at Gilbert.  You slapped him with all your might before storming away with tears in your eyes.  His crimson red eyes widened surprised by how aggressive you were acting.  Normally you would just beg Ludwig to defend you.

“I don’t even know why you hate me so much.” you said before rushing pass Ludwig, Francis and Antonio leaving the house.  The three men looked at Gilbert who stood surprised with bright red mark where you slapped him

-------------------Days Later--------------------

You were sitting in the lobby of Dr. Dales’ office.  Today was the day you were going to find out if you were having a girl or a boy.  Your father came with you to your appointment.  He wanted to be the first person to know what you were having.  You had promised Ludwig that you would stop by to let him know what you were having.

After waiting a few minutes you and your father were called into the examination room. You smiled at Dr. Dales who walked into the room.  Your father sat on side of you while you the doctor got the ultrasound machine ready.

“So what are you hoping for?” Dr. Dale said placing the cold gel on your stomach.

“I don’t sure I’ll be happy with either way.” you answered with a nervous smile.

“I’m wanted another little tulip.” your father said as he looked at the ultrasound monitor.

“Well let’s see what you’re having… hmm will I wasn’t expecting this.” Dr. Dales said with a surprised look on her face.

“Is something wrong with the little one?” your father asked leaning over you trying to get a better look at the monitor.

“I just found a second child.” Dr. Dales said pointing out a second child.

“What!?” your father yelled shock falling to the floor.

“Twins.” you said softly shocked by the news.

“I can’t believe it.  Two, twooooooo!  Are you sure the monitor isn’t showing doubles?” your father asked while lying on the floor.

“No, there’s a girl and a boy here so it can’t be doubles.  The second child was hiding behind the first that’s why we never seen it.” Dr. Dales said to your father who was crying like a baby on the floor.


You arrived home after your doctor appointment.  Your father thought it would be best if you went home and rest before going to Ludwig’s house to tell him about the twins.  When you walked into your house you saw your mother sitting on the sofa with Gilbert and Ludwig.

“Welcome home.  I hope you don’t mind I wanted to see the cuties again so I invited them over.” your mother said cheerful.  ‘How did she get their numbers?’ you wondered looking at your mother who seemed happy sitting next to the two brothers she found so attractive.

“Yeah, I kinda do mind!  The punk over pollinated our little tulip!” your father yelled pointing at Gilbert.

“Over pollinated?” your mother, Gilbert and Ludwig said confused at the same time.

“He’s trying to say… I’m having twins.” you said softly.

Your mother jumped up from the sofa excided rushing to hug you.  Ludwig looked at Gilbert who was in shock.  His crimson red eyes stared at your stomach.

“So do you know the sexes?” your mother asked running her fingers through your hair.

“A girl and boy.” you softly smiled.

“Awesome!” you heard Gilbert said.  For the first time you heard him excided about something involving your pregnancy.

“I’m so excided.  We have to start turning the spare bedroom into a nursery.” your mother said happily.  You knew she couldn’t wait to design the room for your twins.

“Mom you didn’t have get started yet.” you said looking at your mother who saw thinking of all the different colors themes she could do in the room.

“I know.  I know but I can’t wait!  Just knowing I’m going to have two of the cutest grandchildren makes me so excided!  Seriously with a father as handsome as Gilbert and a mother as adorable as you the babies will be beautiful.  Even they’re uncle is a hottie, not to mention their grandparents.” she said cheerfully while winking playful at you.

“Come on _____ you too boys we’re going look for cribs.” your mother said after grabbing her car keys.
I'm hope everyone likes the story. Since everyone said twins would be awesome I decided to go with twins.

Also I don't own Hetalia or its characters they belong to Hidekaz Himaruya

Prussia: Gilbert
Germany: Ludwig
France: Francis
Spain: Antonio

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Chapter 4 :la:
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At least the parents are accepting it. Most of the time Parents would disown their kids 

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Gilbert: What zhe hell!!! 

Me: Thats what you get  for being a jerk *slap* This is what you get for getting me knocked up *slap* Thats What you get for NOW caring even u hate me And Their'll be more to come ^^ 

Prussia: *^* 
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