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May 15, 2013
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You were in your sixth month of pregnancy and your stomach was large thanks to the twins growing inside of you.  Nearly everyone in your classes knew that you were pregnant for Gilbert.  Most of them thought it was weird that you would be willing to have children with a guy who was always so mean and cold towards you.  However you learned to ignore Gilbert’s cold behavior towards you.  He barely talked to you after you slapped him at his house in front his brother and friends.


It was another normal afternoon.  You had finished the snack you brought with you to college since you normally became hungry in the afternoon.  You walked down the hallway looking for Ludwig who was about to finish his math class.  For the next week you were going to be staying at Ludwig’s house since both your parents were going to be out of town and they didn’t feel right leaving you home alone.

“_______!” you heard Feliciano yelling your name.  You turned around just in time to see your friend wrap his arms around you.

“Hey Feli.” you smiled back as he rubbed your stomach.  Every time he saw you Feli would make sure to rub your growing stomach.

“How you feeling?” Feliciano asked with his usual smile on his face.  When you were about to answer you felt the twins starting to kick like they normally did after you ate.

“Oh they’re starting to kick.” you told Feli who quickly placed his hands on your stomach wanting to feel the kicking.

You smiled as Feli who started to laugh at the movement of the children.  Ludwig and Kiku walked out of their class seeing you and Feli in the hallway.  

“What are you doing Feliciano?” Ludwig asked looking at his best friend with his bright blue eyes.  Feliciano grabbed Ludwig’s hand placing it on your stomach.  You laughed as Ludwig face turned slightly pink from blushing.

“Can you feel them kicking?” you asked looking at your friend.

A slight smile appeared on your friend’s face as he felt his niece and nephew kicking.  You noticed Gilbert standing against the wall watching his brother feel your stomach.  Part of you wanted to ask him if he wanted feel the kicking but you knew he would just walk away.

“West are you ready to go home?” Gilbert asked walking over.  Ludwig took his hands off your stomach as he stood up looking at his brother.

“Can’t yet I have to get the newspaper ready for tomorrow’s deadline.” he said.  Ludwig watched as his brother glanced at you then back at him.  

“I forgot about ______.  Gilbert take the car and bring ______ home with you.  I’ll get a ride home from Feliciano.” Ludwig said tossing his brother the keys.  You watched as your three friends left leaving you with Gilbert.

“Let’s go.” Gilbert said walking down the hallway to the parking lot.

--------------------Time Skip---------------------

You arrived at Ludwig and Gilbert’s house after stopping to your house to pick up some clothes and other items.  Gilbert went into his bedroom leaving you alone in the living room sofa where you fell asleep.  After sleeping for about a half an hour you woke up to the feeling of the twins kicking.  You were surprised that you were in Gilbert’s bed.  What shocked you the most was the fact that he was sitting on the bed with his pale tan hands were on your stomach.  Gilbert never noticed that you were awake when he kissed your stomach.  Part of you wanted to freak out while another wanted to smile.  You were happy that Gilbert was showing he cared about the unborn babies.

You decided to pretend like you were still asleep but as the minutes went by you actually fell back to sleep.  When you woke up Gilbert was no longer in his room so you thought it was safe to leave.  Walking into the kitchen you saw Ludwig cleaning up flour from the counter top.  He was focus on cleaning that he didn’t notice you standing behind him until you poked him in the rib making him turn ready to fight.  You raised your hands in defense afraid that he would hit you.

“Oh sorry ______.  That was just a reflex.” he sighed lowering his fist.  You grinned at your friend knowing that you really did scare him.

“So what did you cook?” you asked.

“I didn’t Feliciano wanted to cook you some pasta but you slept all day so he left.” Ludwig said pointing the pasta sitting on the stove still warm.

You fixed yourself a plate of pasta then sat at the table eating it happily.  You rocked side to side happily eating the pasta with a large smile on your face.  Eating for some reason always put you in the happiest and most cheerful mood.

“Hey Luddy do you have any soda I really want some right now.” you asked looking up from your second bowl of pasta.

“No but I’ll pick some up from the store I have to buy something to cook for dinner.” Ludwig said as he grabbed his keys leaving you alone in the house.

-----------------Time Skip---------------------------

You were sitting on the sofa reading through baby books trying to come up with names for your children.  You were having a hard time deciding on names that you like.  ‘Why is this so hard.’ you thought as tears started to form in you eyes.  You started to wipe away the tears caused by your mood swings when the door opened.

You looked up as Gilbert walked into the house with Francis.  Antonio wasn’t with them today so you figured that he was hanging out with his friend Lovino who was Feliciano’s older brother.

“Oh no what’s wrong Cherie?” Francis asked walking over to you when he noticed the tears in your eyes.

“Nothing I’m fine.” you said softly as he wiped the tears away from your eyes.  The French man smiled slightly at you.

“She’s trying to be strong.  Isn’t that cute Gilbert?” Francis asked looking over his shoulder at Gilbert who watched you sniffle.

“Come on tell big brother what’s wrong.” Francis said kindly running his fingers your hair.

“It’s nothing really just mood swings I can’t help it.” you answered looking up at Francis shyly as he started playing with your face.
Sorry this chapter is so short. The next chapter should be longer hopefully. I hope everyone likes it so far.

Also I don't own Hetalia or its characters they belong to Hidekaz Himaruya

Prussia: Gilbert
Germany: Ludwig
France: Francis
Spain: Antonio
S.Italy: Lovino
Italy: Feliciano
Japan: Kiku

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