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May 15, 2013
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You were almost eight and a half months pregnant and you still couldn’t think of names for your twins.  It was the hardest thing for you to decide alone.  You wished that Gilbert would have at least told you what names he would like for your children.  Since you were stressing over picking names your mother decided to bring you shopping for baby clothes and car seats.  Through out the day you felt pain in your stomach and back but you were used to feeling pain so you didn’t pay it much attention.  After a long day of shopping you were on your way home when you felt something wet dripping down your leg.  Your eyes widen when you realized what was going on.

“Mom my water broke.” you said freaking out.  Your mother quickly pulled out her cell phone dialing a number before handing you the phone.  

“Hello?” you heard Gilbert’s voice on the other line.

“Gilbert.” you mumbled into the phone not sure what to say next.

“What do you want?” he asked sounding aggravated.

“….my water.” you mumbled until you felt a sharp pain in your stomach area.

“Speak up.” he fussed at you.

“My water broke and it hurts!” you cried through the pain of labor.  You heard the sound of Gilbert’s phone falling to the ground.  The next voice you heard was Ludwig talking to his brother.

‘What’s wrong did something happen?’ Ludwig asked his brother with worry in his voice.

‘______ just went into labor!’ you heard Gilbert freaking out over the phone.

‘That’s wonderful you’ll be a father soon.’ you heard Francis say cheerfully.  The sound of someone running was the next thing you heard before hearing Ludwig yell after his brother who you guess was running.

‘Idiot you don’t even know which hospital she’s in get back here!’ Ludwig yelled.  You listened as the phone was picked up.

“Hello, ______ what hospital are you going to?” he asked.

“…. the one… near… the…MALL!” you screamed between the deep breathes.  

“We’ll be there soon I have to find Gilbert he just ran out the house.” Ludwig said while you cried out in pain.


Your mother parked her car at the hospital entrance before running inside.  When she returned a nurse came out with her.  You looked at the blonde short haired nurse who was pushing a wheelchair.

“Hey ________ I’m Amelia.  Can you tell me when the labor pains started?” she asked.

“A few hours ago when I was in the mall with my mother but I thought it was just the babies were kicking.” you cried in pain.  You were amazed by how easy Amelia was about to pick you up and place you into the wheelchair.

“I see.  Well let’s get you into a room then call your doctor.” Amelia smiled pushing you into the hospital.  

After a few minutes were placed into a room and Dr. Dales was called in to deliver your twins.  Your mother talked to Ludwig who said they were about ten minutes away from the hospital.  Your father who was already working at the house was paged and told about your labor.

“Tuuuuulllippppppppp!” your father yelled bursting into your room with tears in his eyes.  He pushed your mother to the side so he could wrap his arms around you.  Your father snuggled his face close to your as he mumbled to you as if you were still a baby.

“Dad your making a scene.” you mumbled as Amelia looked at your father with her bright blue eyes.

“It’s no big deal.  So Dr. _______ will you be staying in for the deliver?” Amelia asked running her fingers through her dusty blonde hair.

“No way in heck is he staying in here.  He passed out when I had our daughter.  He can’t handle watching two delivers.” your mother said with a frown on her face.

“Alright well do you know if the father would like to be in the room during the deliver?” Amelia asked.  Before you could speak your father started to answer.

“There’s no way he’s going to be looking at my Tulip!” your father answered.

“He already saw her already dear.  Or did you for get how babies are made.” your mother said with a child like smirk on her face.  Your father eyes widened knowing that your mother was right and that only led to him crying about how you were deflowered.


Gilbert and Ludwig arrived a few minutes before Dr. Dales.  Your mother and Ludwig had to drag your father away from your room so Dr. Dales could deliver the children.  Surprisingly Gilbert held your hand during the delivery of each of the children.  Your daughter was born first and four minutes later your son was born.  You were weak from all the screaming and pushing but you could see the happy and proud look on Gilbert’s face as he cut the cord of each of the babies.

“How are they?” you asked him weakly as sweat dripped down your face.

“Their both fine but the doctor wants to watch them over night.  She said they’re both small since they’re premature.” Gilbert told you.  Your eyes widened in fear.  You were afraid that something was wrong with your children.  You did your best to fight back tears but you couldn’t help but cry.  You wondered if maybe you did something to cause the premature births.

Gilbert was standing next to the wall when he noticed you crying.  He sighed as he looked at you.

“So did you come up with names?” he asked changing the subject.

“I was thinking Ada and if you wanted we could’ve name our son after you.  If you want.” you said shyly.  You saw a slight bluish appear on Gilbert’s face but you were too weak to wonder why.

“Ada and … Gilbert.  That’s fine with me.” he said as the door opened.  Amelia and another nurse walked in they were both carrying one of your babies.  Amelia and the other nurse brought both babies to you so you could get a good look at your children.  They both inherited their father’s crimson red eyes but surprisingly they both had your hair and skin color.

“They’re beautiful, look Gilbert.” you said happily smiling at the father of your children.  Amelia handed you Ada who looked at you after yawning.

After some private time with the twins your parents and Ludwig were let back into your room.  Your father rushed to your sided looking down at the little girl in your arms.  He smiled happily before kissing your forehead.

“Good job Tulip.  Your little Rose is a cutie.” your father said gently while he smiled.  You guessed he chose that nickname because of her red eyes.

“Congratulations, you two.” Ludwig said with a smile.  Your mother pulled out her camera and signaled Gilbert to stand next to your bed.  

“Get closer Gilbert.  I want to get a perfect picture.” your mother said.  After snapping the picture your mother smiled looking at the image.

“Beautiful, just so flawless.  I knew they were be perfect little darlings.  Come on tell me the names.” your mother said while you handed her your daughter.

“Ada and Gilbert.” Gilbert said as Ludwig looked at his nephew.

“Perfect names.” your mother said with a large smile.
Well I really think this chapter was cute. I hope everyone likes it.

Ps: I couldn't help myself I had to put America in this story in some form.

Also I don't own Hetalia or its characters they belong to Hidekaz Himaruya

Prussia: Gilbert
Germany: Ludwig
Fem!America: Amelia

<Previous [link]
Chapter 6 :la:
Final> [link]
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sayaikari Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014
um almost 8 and a half months old isn't really premature if not please correct me
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It all depends.  With premature births there can be problems even if its not developmental.  But for the most part you're right.
SakuraDrowned Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Ada is spanish for fairy... :D :D cuteeeee
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That's a cute name
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This is an improvement but GIL YOU BETTER LOVE ME NOW ;3;
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My mom would kill me after the child is born.  My dad would sit me down and have a talk about what I did was wrong.
Silvia-x-Gaara Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2013
Nope, her name is Aria Janet Marie and my son us Daryon James >> those are their names. Sorry Gil but no Gil Jr.

Anyway, cute~ rather fast labor hahah~
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