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May 15, 2013
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Things between you and Gilbert were starting to change for the better.  He didn’t bully you anymore after the children were born.  He would come to your house everyday to spend time with the twins who were happy to have their father around.  But the thing that surprised you the most was the fact that your father and Gilbert were getting along.  Your father said the way Gilbert treated and cared for Ada and Gilbert was very responsible.  After having twins you decided to wait a year before going back to college.  The year finally came to an end and you went back to college.

You walked into your English class looking around hoping to see someone you knew.  Luckily for you Kiku was sitting at a table.  Next to him was a guy that you never meet before.

“Hey Kiku.” you said with a smiled sitting in the empty chair next to Kiku.  Your friend looked up at you with his brown eyes.

“______ I didn’t know you had this class too.” he said with a slight smile.  ‘Soft spoken like always.’ you thought.

“Yeah, lucky me, most of my other classes I end up sitting alone.” you cheerfully answered.

“Oh let me introduce you to my friend Arthur.  Arthur this is _______.” Kiku said.  You looked at the blonde haired guy sitting across from you.  You had to admit he was really cute.

------------------Time Skip-------------------

Weeks went by and you and Arthur became really good friends.  Since he was an English major he would help you with essays.  You were walking down the hallway going to your English class when you noticed Arthur talking to Francis.  You ran over, jumping onto your British friend’s back surprising him.

“What the bloody hell!” he yelled until he saw you smiling at him.

“Morning Iggy,” you smiled before turning to Francis, “hey there big brother.”

Francis smiled as Arthur tapped you on the top of your head.  You laughed knowing that you had scared your friend.

“How are Ada and Little Gilbert doing?” Francis asked while running his fingers through his blonde hair.

“They’re fine.  Probably making a mess right about now.” you answered knowing that right now your parents would be feeding the twins their snacks.

“Wonderful, I want to come see them soon.” Francis said while you noticed your other students heading to class.

“That sounds good.  Call me this weekend and come over.  Well class is about to start we should get going Iggy.” you said wrapping your arm Arthur’s before walking off to class.


You were at home working on an English paper with Arthur when someone knocked at your front door.  You were holding Ada when you answered the door.  Ada’s crimson red eyes lit up when she saw her father standing at the door.  Gilbert smiled as the little girl reached out for him.  You handed him the one year old before going back to the table where Arthur was reading over your paper.

“Where’s…” Gilbert started to say until he froze when he saw Arthur hold your son while reading the paper.  You looked at your children’s father confused.

“What?” you asked him while taking your son from Arthur so he could focus on the paper.

“Nothing… do you think it’s a good idea having that guy here.” Gilbert said holding Ada as she played with his whitish gray hair.

“Why not, Arthur’s so awesome.  He offered to read my essay for me.” you answered Gilbert before walking into the kitchen.

“I’m surprised your dad’s okay with him being here.” Gilbert mumbled as he followed you into the kitchen.

“The only guy my dad ever had a problem with is you.  Plus my mom said Arthur can come over anytime since he’s a ‘hottie’.” you said quoting your mother while taking the twin’s snacks out of the icebox.

“Besides Jr. and Ada likes hearing Mr. Arthur’s stories.” you said ticking your son who laughed.

“Love, I finished reading your paper.” Arthur said from the living room.  

“Gilbert can you start fixing the snacks.  There’s some bowl the cabinet next to the icebox.” you said leaving the kitchen.  You didn’t notice the look on Gilbert’s face when you left him alone in the kitchen.

“So how bad was it?” you asked Arthur after placing your son on the floor with his toys.

“You’re format is wrong and a few other things.” Arthur said while you rested your head on the table out of disappointment.

“I’m never going to finish this in time for tomorrow!” you whined.  You glanced up at your friend who ran his tan fingers through your hair as he smiled kindly at you.

“Don’t think that way Poppet.  I can stay a little later and help you.” Arthur said kindly.  Your _____ eye lit up with happiness.

“Oh my goodness Arthur you have no idea how much I love you.” you said wrapping your arms around your friend.  You looked toward the kitchen when you heard Gilbert drop something in the kitchen.  You figured he was struggling to hold Ada and fix her snacks.


It was nearly a week since Arthur helped you with your essay.  Thanks to him you were able to understand your mistakes.  You were running late for class since you overslept after having to stay up most of the night watching over your twins who cried most of the night.  You were walking down the hallway when you heard Gilbert fussing at someone.  ‘He found someone else to bully.’ you wondered listening carefully.  You glanced around the corner seeing him with Arthur.

“I want you to stay away from my kids!” Gilbert yelled at your friend who simply sighed.

“______ doesn’t have a problem with me being around her children.” Arthur said calmly.  You wondered to yourself why Gilbert wouldn’t want Arthur around the twins who clearly like him.

“I don’t want you around _____ either!” Gilbert fussed at Arthur which completely surprised you.  You had no clue why Gilbert would care who you hung out with.

“Hmm, so that’s it.  You’re in love with her aren’t you?” Arthur asked Gilbert who eyes widened as his face turned completely red.

“No!  Why would I love her!?” Gilbert said back to the British man.

“I see so I guess it’s okay if I make my move on her then.” Arthur said with a smile on his face.  You watched quietly as Gilbert’s hand formed a fist.  It was clear to you that he was getting ready to punch Arthur.  ‘What the hell is going on here?!’ you thought to yourself.  Why would Gilbert care if any man tried to hook up with you?

“You can’t have her dam it!” Gilbert yelled at Arthur who smirked.

“So you’re that type of guy huh.  You bully _____ because you love her.  Luckily for you I already have a girlfriend.  But you better be careful, _____ is a wonderful woman.  She’ll find someone else if you don’t man up and tell her soon.” Arthur said before turning to leave.  You didn’t know what to think.  Gilbert couldn’t love you, he never loved you.  Arthur had to be wrong.  There was no way on Earth that Gilbert could love you.


You were home alone when you got a text message from Gilbert asking you to drop some extra clothes for the twins to his house.  You grabbed a few outfits and walked over to the house.  You knocked on the door expecting to see Ludwig answer the door like normal.  Instead Gilbert answered the door; his face was completely red which made you feel a little weird.

“I brought the clothes like you asked.” you said walking into the quiet house.  You looked around not seeing any sign of your twins.

“Thanks.” Gilbert said closing the door behind you before following you into the living room.

“Are the twins sleeping?” you asked Gilbert.

“No, Ludwig took them to the store with him.” Gilbert answered as if he was nervous about something.  ‘Well I’m so out of here.’ you thought to yourself walking out of the living room.

“Okay well tell Ludwig I said hi.” you said walking towards the door.  When you went to open the door you felt Gilbert grab you arm spinning you around.  You felt his lips press against yours.  His eyes were closed shut as he kissed you.  Your back pressed against the door as Gilbert cupped your face in his hands.  ‘What the hell is happening?’ you wondered as he deepened the kiss.  When Gilbert finally pulled away from you his face was red just like his eyes.

“Gilbert?” you mumbled in pure shock and surprise.

“I want to say sorry for being a jerk to you over the years.” Gilbert said shyly.

“Its okay.” you answered as he ran his finger through your hair.

“From on now I’ll treat you better I promise.” Gilbert said before leaning in closer to kiss you once again.  As he kissed you, you were unable to stop yourself from kissing him back.  Even though he was always so mean and cold; you decided to give him a chance for your children.  You wanted to make things work between the two of you.
So this is the last chapter of the mini series. It went on longer then I planned but I'm happy with how it turned out. I hope everyone enjoyed it. I plan on working on more Prussia stories in the future but for now I want to work on my Russia series.

PS: I edited the ending.

Also I don't own Hetalia or its characters they belong to Hidekaz Himaruya

Prussia: Gilbert
Germany: Ludwig
Japan: Kiku
England: Arthur
France: Francis

<Previous [link]
Chapter 7 [Final] :la:
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