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December 18, 2012
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You were sitting on the sofa looking through magazines trying to find a good Christmas gift for your husband; Arthur.  You were married for a few months now and this would be the first Christmas you would send together as a married couple.  You wanted to get your new husband the perfect gift.

"Dang, it I don't know what to get him." you said putting down the cooking magazine that had a list of popular cookware inside.  Arthur loved to cook for you.  However you honestly didn't like his cooking but you would never tell him that.

You decide to give up on your search of the perfect gift when you noticed it was twelve in the afternoon.  'Iggy won't be home for another five hours.  What am I suppose to do now?' you thought lying across the sofa.  You started watching your favorite TV show before drifting off to sleep.  

"Love, its time to wake up." you heard the British accent you loved so much.  

Your eyes opened when you felt your husband's soft lips press against your.  You smiled before kissing him back.  You could taste of his favorite tea on his lips.  His hands cupped your face before deepening the kiss.  He pulled away ending the kiss making you frown.

"Want to go to that new shopping center?" Arthur asked his emerald eyes looking down at you.  

'Maybe that will give me an idea for a gift.' you thought to yourself looking at you husband who was sitting onside of you with a charming smile on his face.

"Yeah, let me change first." you cheerful answered before running to your bedroom.

----Car Ride Time Skip----------

You got out of the car looking at the new mall that was covered with snow.  Arthur took your hand and led you around.  The two of you looked through window of different shops.

"Look there's a pet shop here, Love." Arthur said pulling you inside; he knew how much you loved animals.

You looked at the different animals in the store.  There were different breeds of puppies, cats, rabbits, birds and more.  But it was a white kitten with orange patches that caught your eye.  Arthur smiled while you cuddled the kitten in your arms.  

"Time to go Love, the shop is closing." Arthur called out to you with a slight smile on his face.  You had to leave the pet shop and the lovable kitten.

"Do you wanna look in another store?" you asked Arthur who glanced down at his watch.

"Not today, I have to wake up early for work in the morning."

"Oh, ok then." you mumbled looking at the ground.  Ever since you moved in with Arthur you sent most of your time at home alone since he worked all day and would fall asleep after eating dinner.

While walking to your car quietly you felt Arthur kiss your forehead.  His green eyes looked at you, he knew how you hated be alone in the house all day.  You looked up at him, the wind messed up his bright blond hair making him look even more attractive.

---------Days later-----------

You were lying across the sofa sick.  Arthur begged you to go to the doctor but you refused.  You didn't like doctor's offices or doctors.  You hated how they always smelt like medicine.  So you decided just to take medicine you had at home until you felt better.  You tried looking for a gift but you were too weak.

Knock knock knock

You sat up wondering who it could be; Arthur wasn't due home for another two hours.

"Who is it?" you asked from the behind the door.

"Amelia and Maddie hurry up its freezing out here!" you heard your cousin in law's cheerful voice.  

You opened the door to see the two sisters smiling at you.  Amelia quickly pulled you into a hug she was wearing a blue jacket over a white with blue jeans and black boots.  Madeline had on her favorite red sweater dress and white boots, her long blond hair tied in pigtails.

"Ame, I think you should let ________ go.  She looks sick." Madeline said tugging on her big sister.

"Sup, _________ you feeling okay?" Amelia asked following you into the living room.  

"I been a little sick that all."

"Really, what's wrong?" Maddie quietly asked playing with her long blond hair.

"My stomach been bothering me and I've been throwing up a lot.  I can't even look for a gift for Iggy without throwing up.  And Christmas is only a few days away." you gave the two sisters details on your illness.

"How long you been sick like that?" Maddie asked quietly sitting besides you rubbing your back.  While Amelia sat on the other side of you.

"I guess about a week." you gave her a weak smile.

Amelia's bright blue eyes looked at you with worry.  She suddenly stood up from her seat onside of her little sister.  Amelia grabbed your arm pulling you up from the sofa.  

"You're going to the doctor and I don't care if you like it or not." Amelia said with a serious frown on her face which was extremely rare.

---------Doctor Office---------------

You sat quiet in the room as the docter looked at the chart.  He made you use a cup in the bathroom to try and find out why you were so sick.  He finally looked up at you with a smile on his face.

"Mrs. Kirkland… your pregnant." he said cheerfully.  You looked up at the man shocked; being pregnant was the last thing on your mind.  

"No way I can't be pregnant!" you said loudly was staring at the man in shock.  

The doctor looked at you with his dark brown eyes.  He removed a paper from the stack in his hand and gave it to you.  You read through the list of test he ran on your sample.  'Pregnancy test… results… POSSITIVE!' you said to yourself looking at the paper in disbelief.

"I'm having a baby?" you said placing your hand on your stomach.

The doctor finished your checkup before leaving.  You got dressed and walked into the waiting room where Amelia was talking to the secretary and Madeline was reading a book.  Amelia looked at you with her bright blues.  She and Madeline walked over you to while you looked at the card of an OBGYN (Obstetrician/Gynecologist).

"So what did the doctor say?" Amelia asked with curiosity in her eyes.

You could tell she and Madeline were still worried about your health.  You gave them a little smile.  'I guess I can tell them.' you thought to yourself playing with the card in your hand.

"I'll you when we get back to my house."

The two sisters looked at each other then back at you.  You could easily see they were having an uneasy feeling.  

--------Back Home--------------

"Well, I'm pregnant.  I have to make an appointment to find out how far I am." you blurted out while sitting at the kitchen table.  

"Awesome, I thought something with really wrong with you for a while there." Amelia laughed happily.

"Aww, a baby.  __________ that's the perfect gift for Artie." Madeline said placing a mug of warm tea in front of you.

You're looked up at her when she said 'perfect gift'.  You smiled you knew that Arthur always wanted children.  'This is the perfect gift!' you thought rubbing your stomach.  You were glad, you finally had something special for Arthur and you knew he would adore it.

"So when you going to tell him?" Amelia asked leaning across the kitchen table.

"Probably on Christmas, I just got the perfect idea." you smiled at Amelia.

"Do you need help?" she asked while Madeline sat watching the two of you talk.

You pushed your hair behind your ear.  A slight smirk came across your face.

"Actually, yeah."


You woke up looking at the clock on side your bed; it was three in the morning.  You smiled knowing today was the day you would give Arthur a gift so wonderful money couldn't buy it.  You looked at the sleeping man onside of you.  His arms wrapped around you while he snored slightly.

"Iggy, wake up." You shook him.

There was nothing respond.

"Iggy wake up!"

"Fly bunny." he mumbled in his sleep.  You couldn't help but laugh, when he was really tired he would dream of a flying mint bunny.

"Arthur come its Christmas." you said louder shaking him harder.

"Five more minutes, Love." he muttered.

"Arthur, Alfred throwing away all your scones!" you yelled.

Suddenly Arthur shot up in bed.  His emerald green eyes were angry and frowned looking around the room.  You laughed loudly.  'Oh, my goodness it works every time.' you thought to yourself as Arthur looked at you.

"You bloody wanker.  You promised not to do that again!" he groaned at you with a frown across his handsome face.

"I'm sorry I just want us to open gifts now." you said softly moving closer to him.  

"Fine, lets go." he said climbing out of bed following you to the Christmas tree.

You sat quietly by the Christmas tree as Arthur went get something from another room.  You were holding a beautifully wrapped red and gold box.  You looked up when you heard footsteps from behind you.  You turned and your eyes widen.  Arthur was holding the kitten from the pet shop.  You smiled happily as Arthur handed you the adorable kitten.

"Merry Christmas, Love." he said leaning down to kiss you.  You happily kissed him back.

"Merry Christmas, Arthur." you said handing him the box.  

He sat onside of you before opening to box.  He pulled out a baby bottle, a pack of diapers and an apron.  

"World best daddy." he read the apron out loud while lifting it up looking at it.

Arthur stared at the apron then back at the bottle and diapers.  His green eyes looked back at the apron then you.  Arthur's eyes suddenly widen when he put the hints together.

"A baby?  Love, you're pregnant?!" he said dropping the box looking at you.  

All you could do was smile happily.  Suddenly Arthur wrapped his arms around you kissing your forehead.

"We're going to parents.  Finally, our own little one."

"I hope you don't mind waiting for your gift to arrive, Iggy." you said as he continued to hold close to his chest.

You looked up at him as he finally released you from his hold.  His green eyes were filled with pure happiness and joy.  He smiled charmingly at you before giving you a quick kiss.  You felt him place his hand on your stomach.

"This is the perfect Christmas gift.  I'd wait forever it."
Just another short Christmas story. I love the FLUFF!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoy reading this.

Also I don't own Hetalia or its characters they belong to Hidekaz Himaruya

England: Arthur (Iggy & Artie)
America: Alfred
Fem!America: Amelia (Ame)
Fem!Canada: Madeline (Maddie)
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