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You sighed as you stand alone in the flower shop you worked at.  Business has been slow today and your boss decided to let you run the shop alone.  You looked at the watering chart, checking to see which plants were due for a watering.  You picked up the silver watering can and started watering the roses and tulips.  While your back was turned the door jingled letting you know someone walked in.  

"Welcome to Garden Paradise." you said cheerfully as you turning around.  You looked up at the tall man standing before you.  His hair was beige or ash blonde you weren't sure which it was.  You did know that he had a handsome face.  He looked at you with no emotions in his eyes.

"You sell sunflowers?" he asked you.  His voice came out much softer then you thought it would.

You simply nodded while staring in his eyes.  Their color was different then any other blue eyes you seen in your life.  His seems to have a hint of purple in them.  

"Yes sir we do.  We just got them in yesterday.  Is there any size you would like?" you asked placing down the watering can you were using just a moment ago.  You walked towards the back room.

"No, just make it a bouquet."

You nodded walking out of the front of the store.  'Dummy, you were staring at him and his here getting a bouquet of flowers,' you thought to yourself as you fixed up the order.  You did your best on the bouquet picking the best of the sunflowers.  You looked at the different color ribbons used to tie flowers.  The bluish purple ribbon seemed to call out to you.  It matched your customer's eyes.

You ran your fingers through your hair.  You walked back into the front room.  The man was standing in the same spot waiting.  

"Here you are." you said as he walked up to counter.

"Very nice."  he said after paying for the flowers looking at them.

You smirked you were proud of the great compliments you often got from customers.  You placed your hands on your hips with a smile.

"I aim to please." You winked at the man.

His bluish purple eyes looked at you surprised by how outgoing you are.  You played with your hair as he headed for the shop's door.  You notice who broad his shoulders were and how strong they seemed.

"I hope you come back, Sir!" you yelled as he walked out the door.  He simply nodded not saying anything back.  You really did wish that he would come back.  You wanted to see him again for some strange reason.

"____________!" you heard a familiar voice call your name as the door of the shop opened.  Your best friend Alfred and his brother Matthew walked into the shop.

"Hi guys." you said putting down the magazine you were reading again for what seemed liked the hundredth time.  You smiled as Alfred gave you a high five.  He was much more outgoing then his younger brother.  Matthew stood on side of his brother simply smiling like he always did.

"I totally came to tell you that Artie, Alice and Peter are coming for visit this year." Alfred said.

You smiled you haven't see any of your friends since they moved away.

"Dude, that's cool."

You stood in the flower shop on another slow day.  You listened to one of you favorite songs playing on the radio.  You danced around the shop as you watered the flowers.  You were wearing your favorite shirt, skirt and leggings today.  It was colder today then normal.  You didn't hear when the door of the shop opened.

"Добрый вечер."

You stopped dancing and quickly turned around surprised.

"Its you.  You scared me." You released a breath looking up at man who ordered sunflowers a few weeks ago.

His face seemed sadden when you said that.  His face still looked handsome to you.  He was wearing a tan colored coat today it fit him perfectly.

"So Sir, how can I help you?" you asked smiling up at the much taller man.

"Ivan" he said to you.

"Huh?" Your head tilted to the side as your eyebrows rose.

The man slightly smiled at you, "that is my name."

You smiled finally understanding.  You pushed your hair back behind you ear.  'He's unbelievably handsome,' you thought to yourself looking into his bluish purple eyes.

"Nice to meet you Ivan.  I'm ________ ____________."

"Did you come for some more sunflowers?" you asked walking to the counter where the sunflowers were placed.  You pointed at the growing plants.

The man simply nodded as he kneeled in front of the flowers.  You felt your body go warm when you noticed how close he was standing next to you.  His large hands touched the different flowers.  You watched him from the corner of your eye.  You looked at his hair it was definitely beige in color.  You then noticed the hand knitted scarf he was wearing.  'He must be dating someone if he's buying flowers again.  She must have made him that scarf.'  You thought to yourself as you looked back at the flowers.  

"So Ivan what does dobryy vecher mean?" you asked while you picked out the flowers you saw him checking out.  The man stood up straight his bluish purple eyes stared down at you.  You could feel him staring at you as you walked towards the back room for a ribbon.  

"It means 'good evening' in Russian." he told you as walked back into the room with samples of different ribbons.

"I thought it sound Russian," you told him with a friendly smile, "Which color do you want?"

"Which do you like?"

You bite your bottom lip as you tried to think.  You looked at the red, purple, blue and orange ribbons.  You glanced at the customer in front of you.  You felt your face get warm when your eyes met his.

"How about the red?" you said lifting the ribbon up closer to his face.  The man nodded approving your choice.

Several months passed and Ivan continued to visit the shop you worked at every few weeks. Over time the two of you became friends.  During his visits he started opening up to you talking to you a little more during each visit.  You really enjoyed seeing him even though you knew he probably was seeing someone.  It was fine just being friends with him you thought.  You didn't have to admit you had feelings for him.

One day while on your lunch break you saw a familiar figure in the distance.  It was him; Ivan he was walking with two other men and a teen.

You stood up from the bench, "Hey Ivan!" you yelled out to him.

The man who you learned was three years older then you turned around.  His eyes widened when he saw you run towards him with a friendly smile.  You looked at the handsome tall man you secretly liked.  He looked handsome wearing his favorite tan coat.

"Solnyshko." he said looking down at you.  He no longer looked at you with the same emotionless eyes as the first day you met.  You leaned over trying to catch your breath.  You glanced up when you heard the nickname he gave you.  You smiled you were always happy to hear him call you by the personal nickname he picked for you.

The people with him all looked at you surprised.

"So, Russia whose your friends?" you asked standing straight glancing at the two men and the teen.  Russia was the nickname you gave him.  The others looked at Ivan with fear in their eyes.  You were confused not sure what was wrong.

"Oh, these guys their not my friends they work for me." He gave you a simple answer.  'What could he be doing for a living?' You asked in your mind.  

"Well, I'm _________." You told the people with Ivan.  They all gave you a nervous smile.  The youngest seemed to be shaking.

"Come on tell me your names." you demanded from the three with a frown on your face.

Finally one of the men spoke up.  His blue eyes looked at you nervously as he ran his fingers though his brown hair.  "I'm Toris." he said to you.

The man standing next to him fixed his glasses.  He had blond hair his eyes were dark blue.  "Call me Eduard."

You turned your attention to the teen boy.  He glanced up at you nervously he was still shaking a little.  "Raivis." he said softly looking in your eyes.

You suddenly wrapped your arms around the teen.  He was so adorable you thought to yourself.  Ivan, Toris and Eduard looked at you surprised.  Raivis didn't know what to do while you played with his blonde hair.  

"You're so cute!"

The teen looked up at you with his blue eyes.  His cheeks turned a rosy pink.  You giggled at how shy he was.  Suddenly you felt Ivan's cold eyes on you again.  You stopped laughing and glanced in his direction.  His bluish purple eyes were looking at you with a new emotion you never seen before.

"Solnyshko, we must be leaving now." he said glancing down at teen who nodded in agreement.  He started walking away from you.

"Okay." you said softly letting go of Raivis.

"It was nice meeting you Miss ___________." Eduard and Toris said at the same time as they followed Ivan.  Raivis looked at you again before walking away.

You suddenly remembered why you called out to him in the first place.  

"Ivan, we got some new sunflowers today; their really beautiful.  You should come see them."

He turned around with the same look in his eyes as before.  He simply nodded like he normally did before you two became friends.  'What was that?  Was he jealous?  No way,' you thought watching him walk away.  You wished that he was jealous a little.

You walked back into the flower shop and Amelia and Madeline were waiting for you.  They were Alfred and Matthew's sisters.  Amelia was born between Alfred and Matthew.  Madeline was the youngest of the four; she was very much like Matthew.  While Amelia on the other hand was outgoing like Alfred.

"Where have you been?" Amelia asked leaning against counter.

You look away from her embarrassed not wanting to tell her who you were talking to.  Her blue eyes narrowed as she smirked at you.  'Dang it she figured it out.'  

"You were with him; that Russia guy."

"I just saw him on my break.  He was with some guys."

"Amelia it's not nice to bud into other people's personal lives." Maddie said looking at her big sister with her dark blue eyes.  

Amelia frowned at her sister placing her hand on her hips.  "Come on sis.  Don't you think we should check this guy out?  We can't let _________ be with just any guy."

You and Maddie looked at Amelia and sighed.

"Besides you didn't mind spying on her and Artie."

You looked at Maddie who hide her face in the fur of her polar bear teddy.  You dated Arthur; the cousin of your friends for a few years before you two broke up.  He moved back to his hometown in England few months ago.  You two were still good friends and talked nearly every week.

You lifted your head off the counter when the door opened.  You had fallen asleep.  No customers came into the shop tonight it was raining outside.  It was late and near to the closing time.  You wiped the sleep from your eyes and sat up.

It was Ivan and he was looking at you.  You glanced at a mirror seeing your hair was messed up.

"Solnyshko, did I wake you up?"

You rushed to push your hair down as fast as possible.  You were feeling embarrassed as he walked towards you.  You felt his large hand pass over your hair.  His hand traveled down your cheeks.  They felt cool like outside.  You stared up at him as he leaned towards you.  His eyes had the same look in them like the day you saw him on your break.  You blinked noticing his face was inches away from yours.  You wanted to kiss him.  He was just inches from your lips' reach.  You moved away as the sound of thunder rumbled outside.

"Uh, what can I help you with Russia?" You asked getting away from the counter.  You could feel his gaze on you as you moved around the shop.  


You smiled at him.  He was always in the shop getting sunflowers.  'She must really like them.' You thought of the girl he must be dating.  Ivan stood next to you as you looked at the different sizes.

"She must be very special." You mumbled underneath your breath as he picked all the biggest and prettiest flowers.


You shook your head embarrassed.  You didn't think he could he heard what you said.

"Tell me." He softly ordered you.  

"Your girlfriend."

He stiffened and his face turned a light pink.  Ivan's bluish purple eyes looked down at you in shock.  As you looked at the ground wishing you didn't have to say those words.

"But I don't have a girlfriend."

"But you're always buying flowers.  Plus you have that homemade scarf so I thought you did." you said sadly glancing at Ivan.

You felt his large hand sit on top of your head.  

"Don't be silly Solnyshko.  I bought those for my house."

"For your house?  Are you telling me the truth." You pouted looking up at him.

He simply nodded.  You felt relief and happiness making you slightly smile.  The sound of thunder rumbled louder.  You jumped you were scared of bad weather specially the thunder.  You kneeled down covering your ears.  The sound of thunder got louder.  

"Solnyshko?" you heard Ivan ask standing next to you.  'Dang it, this is so embarrassing,' you thought to yourself.

You had to act strong though you were afraid.

"I'm okay." you said to him looking up at him faking a smile.

His eyes read your face as he kneeled next to you.

"You're afraid." he said with a frown.  You could hear worry in his Russian accent.

You shook your head no trying to convincing him.  He smirked at you making you feel more embarrassed.

"You're scared of the weather but not me." he said with a smiled looking into your eyes.

"Why would I be scared of you?"

"Most people fear me.  I am big, strong and intimidating."

You thought back to when you meet Toris, Eduard and Raivis.  They all looked at Ivan with fear.  He must have been scary to them but not to you.

"I don't think you're intimidating.  You're just serious."

"Thank you.  You are the first not to fear me besides my sisters."

You blinked surprised.  He never told you about his family.

"You have sisters?"

He simply nodded, "yes my older sister stays in Ukraine; she made the scarf."

"And my little sister, Natalia stays with me." He sighed thinking of his little sister.

"Well, you're welcome.  We are friends after all."

You didn't like the fact you were only his friend.  But maybe that's all he wanted to be.

About a month after nearly kissing him you earned another nickname from Ivan.  He was now calling you 'Dorogaya'.  He never told you what it meant whenever you asked him.  However you felt better about having a crush on him now that you knew he was really single.  The friendship you two had was growing too.  He comes to talk to you during your breaks and walk with you outside.  He finally invited you over to his home on one of your days off.

You looked at yourself in the mirror.  You knew it wasn't a date but you still wanted to look your best in front him.  It was warm today outside so you decide to wear your favorite shirt and a skirt with matching shoes.

You looked down at the address Ivan wrote for you.  You looked up at the house he lived in.  It was large and much fancier then you imagined.  You sighed walking up the steps and ringing the silver doorbell next to large mahogany doors.

The door opened.  It was Toris.

"Hello, Miss _________." he said with a nervous smile.

You gave him your normal friendly smile.  His nervous look was gone as he stared at you.  Toris let you into the house.  

"So Toris what kind of work do you do for Ivan?" you asked as he led you through the house.

"I serve."

Your eyes widen.

"You're a butler!?" you asked loudly looking curiously into his blue eyes.

"I guess you can say that."

"So are Eduard and Raivis butlers too?"

He nodded at you.  You were surprised that Ivan had three butlers working for him.  You wondered why he always goes to the flower shop himself if he could easily send one of them.

"Toris are you and the others from Russia too?"

"No I'm from Lithuania, Eduard lived in Estonia and Raivis is from Latvia.  All our countries are near Russia though." he explained to you as you walked through the dinner room.

"So can you speak Russian?" you asked.

He nodded he wasn't nervous around you anymore.

"Do you know what Dorogaya means?  Russia calls me that sometimes but he never tells me what it means.  He told me Solnyshko means little sun.  He said it matched me since I'm so nice and have a warm personality.  Plus I'm little compared to him."

Toris' face turned slight red.  He was looking at you surprised as he stopped walking.

"H-He calls you Dorogaya?" he asked you.

"Yeah sometimes." you turned and looked at him confused.

"It means sweetheart or love…" he trailed off.

Your eyes widen you stared at Toris shocked.  You could feel you face turn hot from embarrassment.  'Sweetheart… Love…' you thought to yourself.  You always had your doubts about Ivan like you too.

"What are you two talking about?" you heard a familiar voice from behind you.  Toris quickly started to tremble.  You turned and faced the man you had feelings for.  

"Nothing important." You lied not wanting to get Toris in trouble with his boss.

Ivan's eyebrow rose he didn't believe what you were saying.  He looked at Toris who looked up at him with nervous eyes.  

"Toris, tell me what were you telling Solnyshko?" he asked Toris and for a second you seen him give Toris a look you never seen before.

You didn't know what to do.  You didn't want to get Toris fired because you were being nosy.  You quickly reached out to grab Ivan's hand but tripped on the living room rug.  You fell into Ivan's strong embrace.  He barely moved when he caught you.  Your head rested on his chest before you looked up at him embarrassed.  His face was red from blushing as your eyes meet.

"Sorry." You said moving out of his arms.  

You looked away as you thought about how you wanted to stay in his arms.  Ivan completely forgot about questioning Toris.

"Toris go get us something to drink." Ivan said looking at Toris who stood silently.  

"What would you like Miss ________?  We have Vodka, water, Coke, Dr. Pepper and tea." Toris asked you with a smile.

"___________." you told him your drink choice.

Toris walked away to fix the drinks.  Ivan offered you a seat on the sofa next to him.  You sat down playing with your skirt.  You still felt embarrassed about tripping on to him.  The two of you sat quietly in his living room.  You looked at all of the different items in the room.

"So, Russia where are Eduard and Raivis?" you asked breaking the silence.  

Ivan's blue eyes seemed to be a normal blue today as they looked at you.

"Eduard is handing some business for me in another room and Raivis is with him."

"Seems like your home life is much different then I thought." You told him with a friendly smile.

Toris walked into the room with drinks.  He handed Ivan a glass of vodka and gave you the drink you asked for.  Toris quickly left the room again.  You sipped on your drink thinking about what Toris told you.

"Dorogaya, tell me more about yourself." Ivan asked drinking down the glass of vodka.  

'He called me sweetheart again,' you thought to yourself.  Your face was warm again.  You told him about your childhood and friends.

After talking for some time Eduard and Raivis walked into the living room.

"Mr. Braginski, there is an important phone call for you in your study." he said nervously.

Ivan's blue eyes glared at the two.  Raivis stared at the ground.

"Solnyshko, excuse me for a moment," he said kindly to you.

You nodded with a smile.

"Eduard, come with me." he said firmly.

You watched as he and Eduard left the room leaving you with Raivis.  You fixed your eyes on Raivis making him blush.  You giggled you thought that he was an adorable teen.

"So Raivis do you know how to work that?" you asked pointed at a radio in the corner of the room.

The teen's eyes looked at the radio then you.  He simply nodded and walked to the machine.  You watched as he turned it on and turned the different knobs.  You heard a song you like start to play.  You stood up and started moving to the music.  

"Come on Raivis.  Dance with me." you called out to the teen.

He shook his head no.  You frowned grabbing his hand.  You made Raivis dance with you he was no longer trembling.  But you could tell he was still nervous.  As you looked up you noticed Toris standing in the doorway surprised.  He was bringing you a second drink.  Toris quickly switched drinks and started to leave.  You let go of Raivis' hand taking Toris'.

"Come on Toris lets dance." you said playfully batting your lashes.

You pulled him into the living room causing him to drop the empty glass in his hand.  You started dancing to the music.  Toris watched as you danced to the next song the radio played.  You started singing along to the song as you made Toris move side to side to the music's beat. Toris smiled at you as the both of you moved to the music.  You winked at him as you danced holding his hands so he couldn't leave.  Toris' smile quickly faded as he stopped moving.  'These guys don't know how to have fun.  If I was with Alfred and Amelia we would be dancing around the whole house.  Even Matthew and Maddie would dance for a few minutes,' you thought.

"What are you doing Toris?" growled a cold voice from behind you.

Your body shivered at the sound of the voice.  You let go of Toris' hand and turned.  Ivan was glaring at Toris with a look that made you scared too.  Ivan's eyes seem mostly purple as he looked at Toris.  They also had anger in them.  You now knew why they were so scared of him.  Then he looked down at you with the same look.  You found yourself stepping back from him.  He saw the frighten look on your face as you moved away.  Ivan reached out grabbing your hand stopping you from moving away.

"What are you doing big brother?" asked a voice from the living room doorway.

You turned to see a young woman around your age walking into the room.  She had blue eyes and long platinum blonde hair.  She was a very beautiful woman.  You weren't surprised she was related to Ivan.  You felt Ivan's hand that was holding onto yours tremble.  You looked up at him to see fear in his eyes.  Ivan quickly dropped your hand.  

"Oh no Natalia back.  She wasn't supposed to come home until next week." Raivis said shaking behind Eduard who was trembling too.

"Who is this woman?" she harshly asked the question.

"I'm ____________.  I work at the flower shop that your brother gets his flowers."

"Why were you holding big brother's hand?" she asked snaring at you.

"Oh we were just shaking hands in agreement of a large sunflower order he was making."

"Is that true?" she looked up at Ivan.

He nodded.

"Why are you ordering so many that she needs to be here?" Natalia asked.

"I'm guessing you must be Natalia." You asked forcing a smile.

The woman stared at you as she nodded.

"I guess it's pointless to hide it now.  But your brother was ordering the flowers to celebrate you coming home next week." You lied.

Natalia's face softened as she wrapped her arms around her brother.  You moved away from Ivan and his sister walking towards the dinning room.

"____________, wait!" he calling you by your first name.

He couldn't walk towards you with Natalia holding on to him.

"I'll let myself out.  Mr. Braginski, be sure to call about your order." You forced another smile before walking quickly out the house.  

It's been a few days since the event at Ivan's house.   You were still embarrassed that you allowed yourself to be scared by him.  Even though the look in his eyes was like nothing you seen before.  You haven't spoken to him either.  You haven't worked in the shop in nearly a week.  Your boss said you needed to use some your vacation days you had saved up.  You thought that now was the best time to have a break from Ivan.  You weren't sure if you were ready to confront him again.  He might be mad at you for making him have to buy that large order of sunflowers for his scary sister.

You walked into the flower shop for the first time at the beginning of the week.

"Welcome back, _________." Elizaveta said to you.

Elizaveta was originally from Hungary.  She had long brown hair and pretty green eyes.  She had a sweet personality to match.  But she could also be frightening if made angry.  Her childhood friend Gilbert normally did that when he came visit her or his little brother; Ludwig.

"Hi, Eliza." you said noticing the few sunflowers next to the counter.

Eliza knew what you were thinking about as she finished checked out her last customer of the day.

"He was here a few days ago.  Did something happen between you two?"

"We were hanging out at his place and things went bad."

Eliza's eyebrows rows as she started to frown.  Your eyes widen when you realized what she was thinking.

"Nothing like that, I promise." You laughed at her.

Eliza sighed as she walked from behind the counter dressed in her favorite green dress.

"Good I would've had to hurt that guy if he would've tried anything."

You thought back to the time Eliza hit Francis; Arthur's best friend with a frying pan for telling you a dirty joke.  You and Eliza told each other goodbye as she left for the day.  You're first day back to work went well.  Ivan didn't come into the shop today.  The next few days were the same.  

It was finally the end of the week.  And the next two day you had off.  It was a few minutes until closing and you were putting away the last of the ribbons you used while making bouquets.  You couldn't wait to get home and rest.  You knew that Arthur, his twin sister; Alice, their little brother; Peter and Francis were coming for a visit.  Arthur told you he was bring a new friend along; Kiku from Japan.

You were in the back room when you heard the door open.

"Sorry, we're closed…" you started to say as you walked into the front of the shop.

You stopped moving and looked at the man in front of you.  He was staring back at you.  His eyes were bluish purple like normal.

"Ivan." You said softly.

The tall Russian looked at you without saying anything back.

"Sorry, I didn't notice the time." He said to you.

 You watched as he turned away from you to leave the shop.  His large hand reached out for the door.

"Ivan, I'm sorry about what happened." You said softly looking at the ground.  

"You did nothing wrong.  I scared you like I do everyone."

Ivan started pushing the door open to leave.  You didn't want him to leave yet.  You missed him even though you were too ashamed to say it.

You felt that if you let him walk out the door he wouldn't come back.

"Don't go." you mumbled softly.

Ivan turned and looked at you.  You looked up into his bluish purple eyes.

"Can I ask you something?" you asked pushing your hair behind your ear.

He nodded at you waiting for your question.

"Why did you get so mad?"

Ivan looked down at you from in front the door.  You watched as he walked towards you.  He placed his large hand under your chin raising your face.  You felt his lips press against yours.  His other hand went around your waist.  He pulled you closer as he deepened the kiss.  You closed your eyes as you wrapped your arms around his neck.  You kissed him back as you pushed yourself up on your toes.  Your lips parted for air.  Ivan kissed your forehead.

"I was jealous." he said kissing your forehead again.

"I'd get angry if any man touched my Dorogaya." He told you kissing your temple while holding you in his strong embrace.

"You don't have to get jealous; I only want to be with you."

You rest your head on his chest.  You smiled happily up at him.

"So are you going to tell me what Dorogaya means?"

You batted your eyelashes looking at him.

"It means love or sweetheart." He finally told you.

You smiled happily up at him.  You pushed yourself up and kissed him again.

"Ya tebya lyublyu." You said 'I love you' in his native language with a smile.

Ivan looked down at you in surprised before smiling.

"I love you too." He laughed softly kissing your lips.

You were so happy you forget about everything that happened at his house during that visit.  All you knew was that you were finally with the guy you adored.

The following morning you woke up with a smile on your face.  You couldn't wait to see Ivan again today.  He was coming to your home to watch a movie.  You were looking at yourself in your bedroom when there was a knock at the door.  You glanced at the shorts and t-shirt you wore before you ran to open the door.  You took a deep breath before opening the door. He was standing there with a smile.  You loved the way he smiled innocently at you.  He leaned down kissing you on the forehead.  Ivan looked around your home as you closed the door.

You walked into the living room where he was looking at pictures of you with Alfred and the rest of your friends.  Ivan looked at you then back to the picture of Alfred giving you a piggy back ride with Arthur chasing behind fussing.

"Oh, those are my friends I told you about; Alfred, Amelia, Matthew, Madeline and their cousins; Arthur, Alice and Peter.  That's Francis he's Arthur's best friend."

Ivan put the picture back on the table.  He looked at all the different pictures.

"You and this Arthur are in a lot of the same pictures.  Is he your best friend?"

You glanced up at him.

"No, Arthur is my ex-boyfriend.  Alfred is my best friend."

Ivan looked at you then the picture of Arthur and you in front the amusement park when you first started dating.  He seemed to be comparing himself to the blonde haired man you once dated.  You walked over to Ivan wrapping your arms around him.  You stood behind Ivan hugging him close.

"We're still friends but I love you." You said as you buried your face into his back.

You dropped your arms as Ivan turned to face you.  He leaned down to kiss you and you were happy to receive it.  You could feel him wrap his arms around you before picking you up.  His lips parted from your as he carried you with ease to the living room sofa.  He was just as strong; maybe even stronger then Alfred.  Ivan sat you down on the sofa before kissing your temple.  

"So what are we watching?" he asked.

You forgot all about the movie.  You wanted to kiss him more instead.  Ivan handed you the remote off the coffee table.  You had added a few movies to your TV play list that you thought he might like.  You turned on the TV showing him the list of movies you rented.

"Your choice Russia." You said teasingly.

"Let's watch the horror movie."

You looked at the screen and saw the title of the super scary movie Alfred made you get the last time you hosted the movie night.  You hated the movie.  It was too scary and bloody for you to watch.  You screamed through the whole movie the late time you watched it but Alfred yelled louder then you.  He was always trying to prove how brave he was by watching scary movies.

"O-Okay." You said pressing the play button.  'I'm kill Alfred for making me rent this stupid movie.'

You moved closer to Ivan as the movie started.  Even though you watched the movie before you were still scared.  You squeezed Ivan's hand during the movie.  He laughed during all the scary parts even as the characters were getting killed.  Your eyes started to water from fear as you closed your eyes not wanting to watch anymore.  You heard Ivan stop laughing.  His large hand wiped away the tears from your face.  

"Dorogaya, what's wrong?" he asked you.

You smiled at him trying to pretend you weren't scared.  He frowned at you looking at you with his blue eyes.  Before you could say anything he kissed you.  He pulled his lips away and looked at you.

"I can tell when you're lying."

"I don't like scary movies.  I was trying to be brave." You finally confessed.

You sighed it was embarrassing how well he could read you.  Ivan laughed before cupping your face in his large hands.  His lips pressed against yours.  He lifted your face deepening the kiss.  Ivan easily picked you up and placed you on his lap.  He pulled away to take a breath.

"Don't be silly.  You don't need to be brave.  I'll protect you." He told you as he ran his fingers through your hair.

You nodded before wrapping your hands around his neck pulling him into another kiss.  You both forgot about the movie that was playing.  Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

"It's probably the pizza man."

You said climbing out of Ivan's lap.  You grabbed the money you had on the table.  As you went to answer the door you felt Ivan's strong arms wrap around you.  He kissed your temple while you walked to the door.  You unlocked the door and the door sung open knocking you and Ivan backwards.  He fell to the floor and you landed on top of him.

You heard Matthew's voice from the other side of the door.

"Alfred you probably knocked her down again." He said as his brother walked into the room.

Alfred stopped as he looked down at you.  You were still sitting on Ivan.  The three of you looked at each other.  The rest of your friends walked into the room as Alfred helped you stand up.  Ivan finally got up and stood next to you.

"Al, you should really be careful you knocked us down."

Alfred laughed loudly like always as he rubbed the back of his head.  The rest of your friends stood behind him.

"So who's this guy, ___________?" Alfred asked.

You looked up at Ivan who looked back at you.

"This is Ivan…" you started to say as Amelia walked forward.

"So this is Russia?" she leaned in closer getting a good look at Ivan's face.

You were embarrassed that Ivan knew you talked about him with her.  You simply nodded as he smiled down at you.  Amelia winked at you as she gave you a thumbs up.

"Well he's hot so I approve.  You two totally have my okay to start dating!" she said laughing loudly like her older brother.

"Ame, you shouldn't say that." Matthew told his big sister.

"That's right," Maddie softly said, "there are other things more important then looks."

"Yeah, he has to be a hero that the number one thing!" Alfred added.

You looked up at Ivan who didn't seem bothered by any of your friends' comments.  You were relieved that he wasn't getting upset.  

"You're so childish." Alice said looking at Amelia and Alfred as she walked into the house her arms crossed over her chest.  Peter walked in behind her.

"That's it correct," you heard Francis said winking at you.

Alice covered Peter's ears knowing that Francis was going to say something dirty.

"It is well known that being a good lover is the most important thing." Francis added just like Alice knew he would.

You glanced up at Ivan you could tell that comment got to him.  His face was starting to get the same look he had at his house when you were dancing with Toris.

"Shut up, if she's happy with the bugger then that's all that matters." Arthur said pushing Francis into the house.

You smiled happy to see your ex.  

"Don't you agree Kiku?" he asked the young Japanese man stand quietly besides him.

Kiku sighed, "This is why I refrain from speaking."

You never meet Kiku before but you knew you liked him.  You sighed as all your friends finished adding their comments.  You cleared your throat.

"Well like I was saying this is I-Ivan and he's…" you nervously started to explain your relationship.  

"I'm her boyfriend." He finished your sentence.

He was definitely braver then you.  You looked up at him you loved that about him too.
This is a story based of a fan fiction by :iconsilverwing100:

I know its not the best hope you still like it. Comments of improvement are

Also I don't own you, Hetalia or Fem!Hetalia characters.

Russia- Ivan
America- Alfred
Canada- Matthew
Fem!America- Amelia
Fem!Canada- Madeline
England - Arthur
Fem!England- Alice
Sealand- Peter
Lithuania - Toris
Latvia - Raivis
Estonia - Eduard
Belarus - Natalia
Hungary - Elizaveta
Prussia - Gilbert
Germany - Ludwig
France - Francis
Japan - Kiku
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